Keys to Improvising - Improvisation courses for violin, viola, mandolin, mandola, cello and guitar.  From

Keys to Improvising, level 1, is a FREE course.  This is for intermediate to advanced string players.  The method involves learning to play in 12 keys, and then improvising with backing tracks.  The backing tracks are for practice.  Think of them as a metronome with expanded capabilities.  If you have a smart phone or other mobile device, or a Mac, you can get iReal Pro for about $14.  Then you have a virtual backup band.  Use my FREE Keys to Improvising course to get started improvising in Latin and Swing styles.  There are video lessons and free PDFs for violin, viola, mandolin, mandola and cello.  Discuss the lessons with other students, in the course discussion sections.

This course lays the foundation for improvising freely, in any key.

Keys to Improvising Level 2 is where you blast off.  In a few short lessons, you'll be wailing in minor keys, hitting the potent outside notes, and having so much fun.  The course is priced at a very low $49.  This one-time fee gives you access to the class forever.  I hope to see people of all ages and backgrounds in the class.  People of all nations and musical disciplines.  We will form a community of stringed-instrument improvisers, and support one another.  Let's go!